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Grass-Fed Angus-Cross Beef & Pastured Raised Pork

Expect the finest Grass-Fed Angus-Cross beef and pastured raised pork only from Mascho Homestead Farms in Belmont, New York.

Our brand of beef and pork has incredible flavor.


100% Grass-Fed/Finished Black Angus-Cross Beef
Our Black Angus-Cross cattle are born, raised, and finished on open grass pastures in the rolling hills of our farm located in Belmont, New York.   We hand select calves from our herd that we will raise to butcher at around 20-29 months of age.  Our cattle are bred for the quality of their beef utilizing genetics from a purebred Angus Bull.  Our cattle receive a forage diet, free of pesticides, and are rotated to pastures during the grazing season. They are fed dry hay and baleage in the winter months, all harvested by our farm.  They also have access to mineral block.   This practice insures the best quality grass fed beef possible that is consistent in its delicious beef flavor and tenderness.  The animals intended for human consumption are never fed or administered antibiotics, never receive synthetic growth hormones, and never receive grain products.  It is our motto, however, that if animals are ever sick and require veterinary care, we will provide care essential to their well-being.  We sell beef by indivual packages or in bulk: 1/4 (split side), 1/2, or whole animal.

Pasture Raised Pork
Our Berkshire/Old Spot/Yorkshire/Duroc/Hampshire cross piglets are born and raised on our farm in Belmont, New York.  We hand select piglets from our litters that we will raise to butcher at around 8-12 months of age.   Our pigs produce a whole carcass that is well marbled and consistently sweet, tender and juicy. Our pigs have access to pastures, shelter, fresh air, and sunshine in the spring, summer and fall months.   In the winter, the pigs have access to shelter and hay packs to protect them from the elements.  In addition to nutrition they get rooting around the pastures, they get fed a balanced diet consisting of locally milled feed, hay that is harvested by our farm, our culled naturally grown vegetables, and local dairy products.  The animals intended for human consumption are never fed or administered antibiotics.  It is illegal to administer synthetic growth hormones to pigs.  It is our motto, however, that if animals are ever sick and require veterinary care, we wil provide care essential to their well-being.  We sell pork by individual packages or in bulk: 1/2 or whole pig.

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Level II Certification


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