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About Our Farm

Mascho Homestead Farms in Belmont, New York, offers grass-fed/grass-finished Black Angus-cross  beef and pasture raised pork. Our grass-fed beef and pasture-raised pork are sold from our Farm freezers by the pound and are individually packaged in vacuum-sealed packages. We also sell them by the quarter, half, and whole animal.

Our farm does not self-perform slaughter and processing services.  We have partnered with Bryan's Meat Cutting in Milan, PA to slaughter and process all our animals.  They are a small family owned and operated, quality, USDA Federally Inspected Processor.


We raise our animals to provide you with quality meat products that will give you not only a great eating experience, but peace of mind knowing that your food has been grown locally with great care.  Rest assured our animals are humanely raised, under natural and sustainable methods, pasture based, and are not administered any hormones, steroids, or antibiotics.


FOOD MATTERS.  Where it comes from, how it is raised, and under what conditions, is what we believe, really does matter.  While consumption of large corporate commercial food products has become the normality for most of the population, it is nearly impossible to know what is in the food that you buy at your grocery store or super center, or how it was raised and processed.  Trusting and knowing where your food comes from should be at the top of everyone’s priority list.  It is what you put in your body for nourishment and survival.  

We also believe that it is critical to educate our children, by helping them connect with the farm and their food source.  This will only help them make better informed decisions about their diet, the environment, and the welfare of animals in their future.  

ANIMAL HUSBANDRY.  We do raise our animals with the intention of nourishing ourselves and our customers with healthy protein, but how they spend their lives on our farm is of highest priority.  Our animal’s heath, well-being, and comfort are all of the highest priority at our farm.  Traditional factory farms keep their animals contained in feed lots, small pens, or closed barns for their entire life, which may cause the animals high stress and sickness.  Our farm methods are pasture based, which allow our animals to roam in a natural environment in which they were intended.  

SOIL AND ENVIRONMENT.  Grazing practices have huge benefits to the environment.  When animals graze they are nibbling on the grass which exposes plant growth points and sunlight to stimulate growth.  The animals then trample the land which breaks up the earth and aerates the soil; additionally, pressing in seeds which gives them a chance to germinate so our farm has a greater diversity of plants.  Grazing herds also press down dying and decaying grasses, which can attribute to better microorganisms in the soil.  Animal waste also fertilizes the soil.  This natural relationship between animals, soils, and plants all benefit each other.   We also do not apply any herbicides or pesticides to our farm land.

LOCAL ECONOMY.  Buying local helps improve the area in which we all live.  It keeps our hard earned dollars circulating in our community and ensures that local farming and food production will remain viable in our area.

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